Welcome to the Dream Sprayer Lawn & Garden Copper Art Sprinkler Association. Our nationwide organization of Artists have shared their secrets of making copper art sprinklers since 1998. If you're searching for the rotating swivels, spinners or bushings to make your own sprinklers spin, the Dream Sprayer Kit is what you need.
The one and only Copper Art Sprinkler Kit by Dream SprayerIn addition to the 26 pages at the Home of Dream Sprayer (below), we have 5 private pages of designs, tips, and ideas from our Artists, where you'll learn other secrets of the art, see our hoop bending equipment, fixtures, jigs and U. S. copper sprinkler patents (including 21 pictures), FREE to our subscribers.  If you're seeking the finest, collector quality, MADE IN AMERICA copper sprinklers, from artists you know, you found us.
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Play Misty For Me - spinning copper art sprinklerTelephone 920-776-1272 If you get the answering machine, please leave a message, we'll call right back.
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